For the Love of Brantford Podcast

For the Love of Brantford is a bi-weekly podcast that will explore the evolving story of our community.

Hosts Nathan Etherington (Brant Historical Society), Mandy Samwell (Eagle Place Community Association), and Zile Ozols (Brantford Public Library) look at past, present, and future events that impact Brantford and our community. 

This podcast is a must for anyone interested in local history. Episodes will discuss topics such as the development of Brantford, historical floods, street names, and more.​

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Photos and articles referred to in the podcast are provided by Brant Historical Society.

Episode 1 - What makes Brantford unique

Our first episode starts with why we wanted to start this podcast and then goes into what makes Brantford such a unique place. Check out the articles about fluoride and introducing it into Brantford's water, and James Hillier, his life, and the electron microscope. Visit the Neighbourhood Association website, Community Living Brant, or Belonging Brant to learn about ways you can get involved in your community.

Bonus Episode - Full Interview with Rishia (Community Living Brant) and Taylor (Belonging Brant)

For the Love of Brantford Podcast Hosts

Nathan Etherington is a life-long Brant County resident who contributed to community building organizations since he was a teenager working with Town of Paris. He attended the University of Waterloo receiving a Bachelor of Science with minors in Earth Science and Geography. Subsequently, he completed his Teacher Education training from the University of Western Ontario in 2011. As part of his program, he worked with the Paris Museum & Historical Society developing educational programs and a series of summer Walking Tours. Nathan started volunteering with Brant Historical Society in October 2014 working with the Inventory Project and enhanced his knowledge of the collection. In September 2015, he was offered the job of Programming Coordinator responsible for delivery of senior programs and community outreach. In May of 2015, he transitioned to an administrator working with the assistance of Board Members to improve daily operations at the museum. 

Zile Ozols works in the Programming Department at the Brantford Public Library. She is a sci/fi horror reader, house builder, maker, and amateur vegetable gardener. Her passion for working for the community with the community drives her personal and professional decisions. Every day she endeavors to learn something new about her environment. 

Mandy Samwell is a Brantford girl born and raised with a fierce love for this city. She is a neighbourhood association President, community advocate, splash pad champion, and guerilla trail maker. As a longtime Brantford resident, Mandy has built deep connections in the community through a variety of roles. Mandy is the President of Eagle Place Community Association, Chair of the Brant Food System Coalition, and Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Alliance of Brantford. Mandy has over 15 years of community development experience and has been a driving force for change in the community. You’ve probably seen her around as she spends most of her time out in the Brantford Community. When not out and about, she keeps her mind sharp by reading mysteries, painting, and playing video games.