Health and Wellness

You can now borrow a variety of health and wellness items through the Brantford Public Library. 

See the list below for items you can borrow. 
Need some inspiration? Check out Health and Fitness magazines available to download for free with our PressReader and OverDrive (Libby app) services. 


Explore local and provincial parks by borrowing a day-pass from the Library! We lend day passes to both Grand River Conservation Authority Parks and Ontario Parks

Passes are available at both the Main and St. Paul Branch and can be borrowed by adult members in good standing for seven days. You can also place a hold in our catalogue

To see if passes are available, please call or visit the Library or check our online catalogue.

Customers can borrow a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor from the Main Branch for up to seven days. The Aranet4 device monitors C02 levels, temperature and relative humidity. 

Note: These devices are not carbon monoxide detectors or life safety devices. Check the user manual for more information.

Use your online account or call or visit the Library to reserve at CO2 detector today. 

A valid, in-good standing Brantford Public Library membership is required (Adult, Seniors and Teen cards only).

CO2 detectors must be returned to a service desk at the Main Branch (do not put in book drop).


Borrow a radon detector for up to 35 days! Place a hold in our catalogue

The detectors can be renewed if there are no holds on the item.

Pick up and return of the detectors is only available at the Main Branch.

Borrow a therapy lamp from the Library. The Verilux HappyLight can be borrowed from the Main Branch for up to seven days. 

You can reserve a lamp by calling or visiting the Library or through our online catalogue.

Therapy lamps must be returned to a service desk.

There are also two therapy lamps available to use on the third-floor of the Main Branch. 



Borrow a disc golf set from the Brantford Public Library. 
A great way to enjoy the outdoors, disc golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Three disc golf sets are available. They can be checked out with an adult library card for seven days. Place a hold in our catalogue and pick it up at the Main or St. Paul branch.

Here is a listing of local Disc Golf courses

Borrow a spikeball kit from the Brantford Public Library. The game is played between two teams, usually with two players each. The object of the game is to hit the ball off the net in such a way that the opposing team cannot successfully return it.

Three spikeball kits are available. They can be checked out with an adult library card for seven days. Place a hold in our catalogue and pick it up at the Main or St. Paul branch.
Check out a basketball and soccer ball and get active outdoors!
Two basketballs and two soccer balls are available. Check them out with your adult library card for one week. Place a hold in our catalogue.

Borrow a set of snowshoes and poles for seven days from the Main Branch. We offer a variety of snowshoes, along with a family pack of snowshoes. Each set come with trekking poles. 

A borrowing agreement must be signed when checking them out for the first time. They cannot be renewed or transferred to the St. Paul Branch and borrowers must be 18+ in good standing. 

*Snowshoes and poles are only available during the winter and should only be used where there is a minimum of six inches of snow accumulation. 


Explore the amazing variety of birds in Ontario with a bird watching kit.

Available through a partnership with Birds Canada, these kits will include a pair of Vortex Crossfire binoculars, a bird guide and more. 

They are available to be borrowed for up to 14 days by members in good standing that 18-years and older. Kits cannot be renewed.

Place a hold on a bird watching kit in our catalogue and pick it up a the Main or St. Paul branch.

New and young anglers can now go fishing at no cost!  Customers can sign out a fishing rod and reel along with a tackle box, which includes artificial bait and hooks.

  • Fishing kits are available at the Main Branch only. 
  • Fishing kits can be borrowed on an adult card for seven days. 
  • Borrowers are required to sign a waiver.
  • Fishing kits must be returned at the Main Branch circulation desk during open hours

The Library is not responsible for ensuring a borrower's licensing. FInd out more about fishing regulations and licensing at the Ontario Fishing Regulations website.

Fishing rods and tackle boxes are available from May through September.