Exam Proctoring

The Brantford Public Library provides free exam proctoring services for our community.

Exam proctoring guidelines

Library staff responsibilities

  • Receive, secure, administer and return the exam.
  • Periodically check-in with students during the exam.
  • Cannot provide direct one-on-one supervision of students for the entirety of the exam.

Student responsibilities

  • All costs associated with the delivery and return of the exam, including printing, faxing, postage and courier costs.
  • Booking the appropriate room. All rooms booked on a first come, first served basis.
  • If using Library computers, confirm the computers have the software required for the exam. Students cannot install software on Library computers.
  • Confirm that the Library's exam proctoring service meets the requirements of the institution issuing the exam.
  • Ensure that the exam is delivered to the Library in time for the exam.

Exam proctoring requests

Request our Exam Proctoring service form to arrange for exam proctoring.