Our MakerSpace at the Main Branch is a place for people of all ages to explore and create. We have an amazing collection of equipment you can use in the Library or borrow to take home.

MakerSpace equipment

Along with coding, robotics and technology kits that you can borrow and take home, we have items in that can be used in our MakerSpace area at our Main Branch.

3D Printing

Visit our 3D printing page to learn about creating and printing projects at the Library.

Button maker

Make your own buttons with the Flex2000 button maker at the Main Branch.
Materials needed to create five 2.25” buttons can be purchased at the Library for 55 cents each.                                              25 buttons can be made at a time with supplies purchased from the Library. Larger amounts can be made if you provide your own supplies.

Watch a video on how to use the Flex2000 Button Maker.

Virtual reality

Explore amazing new digital worlds with our Oculus Go virtual reality headset at our Main Branch. The headset is available to anyone over 18 who has been a member in good standing for at least  six months.                                  

Craft and fitness tools

Visit our craft and fitness page for a list of tools and equipment.

Video and Photo Tools

Visit our Video and Photo page for information on tools and services available to  convert photos and videos to digital files and create high definition video. These tools range from VHS to DVD converters, GoPro cameras, and more.

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab at the Main Branch has equipment and computer programs needed for professional photo, video and sound editing.

MakerSpace programs

Check out our Maker and Technology Events for people of all ages. 

MakerSpace frequently asked questions

Do I need a Library card to use the MakerSpace?

You will need a valid Brantford Public Library card if you want to:

Are there any charges for using the MakerSpace?

  • See our 3D printing page for information on printing rates.
  • There is a 55 cent charge for our button making kit, which makes five buttons
  • All other MakerSpace items are free to use

Can I get help using the MakerSpace?

  • Staff are also available to provide limited help
  • You can use our Ask a Librarian service to book 30-minutes of one-on-one help
  • Tips on how to use specific items can be found on the Video and Photo page

Can my class or group take a tour of the MakerSpace?