Technology and Maker Kits-Laptop WiFi and Tablet Loans

You can borrow laptops, iPad Minis and WiFi hotspot Devices with your Library membership to learn and get connected anywhere you go.

Who can borrow a Laptop, iPad or WiFi Hotspot

Laptop, iPads and WiFi hotspot devices can be borrowed by people who:

  • Are older than 18-years-old
  • Have been a library member for at least six months
  • Do not owe more than $20 in fines and fees to the Library
  • Can provide valid government identification (a driver's license, health card, etc.)

How to borrow a laptop, iPad or WiFi Hotspot

Note – The WiFi hotpots are designed to work anywhere there is cellular service.


Pick up and return laptops, iPads and WiFi Hotspots

Laptops, iPads and WiFi Hotspots must be picked up and returned at a customer service desk at our Main Branch.

Laptops and WiFi hotspots can be borrowed for up to one week and iPads can be borrowed for three hours for in-library use. If not returned, borrower is subject to fines and fees. 


In-Library Computers and Internet

The public can also use internet-connected computers and WiFi at any library location.

More information on these services can be found on our Computer and Internet Access page.

Do you need an introduction to this technology? Visit us during a Tech Time event or Book a Librarian for one-on-one help.