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Black and white photograph of 3 women and another of a soldierWhat’s Included in the Index

This is a searchable name index of birth, marriage, and death notices appearing in the Brantford Expositor newspaper. Notices for anniversaries, divorces, birthdays, and naturalizations are also included for some years. Names are entered as they appear in the newspaper. Use the search form below to find citations in this database. Please note that the index will only provide the date of the newspaper that contains the notice not the date of the event. The actual notices are only available on microfilm at the Main Library. Local researchers are welcome to view/print any notice(s) from the microfilm at the Library. Non-residents can request photocopies of notices as outlined in Genealogy/Local History Fees.

Newspaper Abbreviations Used in the Index:

  • BCE (Brantford Conservative Expositor)
  • BSX (Brantford Semi-Weekly Expositor)
  • BWX (Brantford Weekly Expositor)
  • BX (Brantford Expositor-Daily)

Years Completed in the Index:

  • 1852-1916 (weekly) (some years are missing on the microfilm)
  • 1917-1947 (daily)
  • 1950-1951, 1956 (daily)
  • 1960-2017 (daily)

Indexing of the newspaper has been an ongoing project and is the culmination of over 15 years of largely volunteer work. Additional years will continue to be added as they are completed.

We want to thank Gloria Scott for her continuing support and contribution to this project.