3D Printing

 We have 3D printers in the MakerSpace area at the Main Branch. You can use these printers to create 15-minute projects or larger projects that you have designed or found online.

3D printing options

There are three options for 3D printing

  1. 15-minute quick-print projects
    • Pre-loaded in the 3D printer (ask for staff assistance)
    • Free
    • A great option for kids
  2. Projects lasting one hour or less
  3. Projects that take up to eight hours to print
    • A charge of $1 plus .10 cents per gram of filament used will be applied to your Library card
    • Project files must be sent through WeTransfer using the email bplmaker@brantfordlibrary.ca
    • Must be 16-years and older and have a valid Brantford Public Library card

3D printing guidelines

3D Printing Guidelines 

3D printing frequently asked questions

Where can I use your 3D printers?

Our 3D printers are available at our Main and St. Paul branch during open hours.

What type of 3D printers do you have?

We currently have three Ultimaker 2 Go and one Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D printers.

What type of material do your 3D printers use?

Our 3D printers use the biodegradable, non-toxic plastic PLA (polylactic acid) to create projects.

Items printed with PLA should not be used with food or drinks.

Is there a cost for 3D printing?

3D projects under one hour are free. There is a charge of $1.00 plus 10 cents per gram of filament for projects between one and eight hours.

Do you have any recommendations for designing or finding 3D models?

Tinkercad is a free and easy to use website to learn how to design your own models for 3D printing.

Free ready to print 3D models can be found on the website Thingiverse.

What type of files does your 3D printer accept?

Our 3D printers use Cura software to create a 3D printable project. Cura software will work with .stl and .OBJ files.

How do I submit a file for 3D printing?

You can use WeTransfer to email projects to us for 3D printing. Please use the email address bplmaker@brantfordlibrary.ca when sending files.

How long does it take to 3D print a project?

There are a lot of factors that may affect the time it takes to print your project, including:

  • size of your project to be printed
  • number of projects received from other customers
  • technical issues with the 3D printers

It may take a few days to a few weeks to print your project.