Fine Free

We are excited to announce that we will become a fine-free library beginning March 15, 2021. 

This means we will no longer charge late fines for overdue items!

We will, however, continue to charge fees for lost and damaged items.  
See more details below. 

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Why did the Library choose to go fine free?
  • We realized that fines were preventing members of the community from accessing library services. Either people would stop using the library after accumulating overdue fines or they wouldn't renew their library membership because of past overdue fines. 
  • An internal review of library accounts showed that many accounts that had been suspended belonged to residents that lived in areas of our community that scored high on the Social Risk Index in this 2017 study
  • An internal review showed our staff were spending a lot of time collecting fines, which do not significantly contribute to our revenues. By eliminating fines, our staff can focus on providing reference assistance and help customers discover our digital collection, access our study spaces and use things like our photocopiers and MakerSpace materials.

These findings were consistent with what many other libraries across North America discovered after doing their own reviews. 

Overall, charging fines went against our own Mission, Vision and Values.

Will there still be fees?

Yes, fees will continue to be charged for items that are not returned within 21-days of their due date. This fee depends on the value of the item and will be reimbursed if the item is returned within six months.

Fees will also be charged for items that are returned damaged or incomplete. These fees depend on the item. If the item can be repaired, a $5 fee will be applied.

Library accounts will be suspended once more than $20 in fees is owed. Payments can be made online, in person at a service desk or self-checkout or over the phone.

How do I renew or reserve items and get due date reminders?

We recommend using your online account to renew and reserve items and check on upcoming due dates. You will need your library card number and four-digit PIN to access your account.

You can also call or visit the library to renew and reserve items and get due date reminders. 

We also offer an automated telephone renewal service. Call 519-756-2399 to use this service.

Printed due-date receipts can be provided at both our customer service desks and self-checkout machines. You can also receive reminder emails from the library.