Book Club in a Bag

Start your own book club with friends, family and co-workers with our Book Club in a Bag service.

Through this service, you get ten copies of a book for 45-days. Some bags come with accompanying copies of DVD movies.

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Browse and reserve bags using our online Book Club in a Bag booking tool
Note - Bags automatically come with 10 copies of a book.

Book Club in a Bag details - How does it work?

Book Club in a Bag sets can be picked up and returned to customer services desks at either the Main or St. Paul Branch. 

The person who reserved the Book Club in a Bag title must be the one who picks up all ten copies of the book. These books are stored in an easy to carry canvas bag. 

Sets must be returned to customer service desks and not through book returns. Sets cannot be renewed.

There is a late charge of 25 cents per day per book or DVD.

These charges are applied to the person borrowing the Bag.

The Library also runs regular Book Club meet ups. Go to our Book Club page for more information.