Reciprocal borrowing with Cambridge

Residents in Brantford can now join the Cambridge library system Idea Exchange for free.

In return, residents of Cambridge are also able to join the Brantford Public library for free. 

This reciprocal borrowing agreement now expands the number of library system residents in Brantford can join. In addition to being able to join the Brantford Public Library and Cambridge's Idea Exchange, Brantford residents can also join the County of Brant Public Library and Six Nations Public Library for free. 

These reciprocal borrowing agreements open up the number of physical and digital materials and services available to residents in Brantford. It also makes it convenient for anyone who works in these other communities, but lives in Brantford. 

Cambridge, which has a population of around 130,000, has five library branches. To become a member of Idea Exchange, Brantford residents must visit one of Idea Exchange's five branches and show a valid driver's license, passport, an item that had been mailed to you at your current address within the last month, a current rent receipt or a tax bill.

Join the Brantford Public Library

In Person:
Visit either our Main or St. Paul Branches and complete a membership form. 
These memberships are free for anyone living in Brantford, County of Brant, Six Nations and Cambridge. Plus, anyone who owns property or a business in Brantford or works within the City of Brantford.

Residents in Brantford, County of Brant, Six Nations can complete an online form to become a Digital Member and get instant access to Brantford Public Library's complete digital collection. 

This Digital Membership is not available to residents of Cambridge or anyone living outside of County of Brant, Six Nations or Brantford.