Digital Membership FAQs

How long do digital memberships last?

Digital memberships expire after one year. At any time, you can visit any library branch and convert your digital membership to a full adult or child membership for free. Full memberships allow you to borrow physical materials and access our entire digital collection. It is encouraged to convert your membership to a full membership at the earliest time possible to avoid any service disruptions.

Why is Brantford Public Library offering a digital membership?

We recognize community members have diverse needs and wants. Some work shift work or have long commutes, which make it difficult to make it into the library to borrow physical materials. Others might just be interested in using certain online tools, such as our LinkedIn Learning platform.  

Who can apply for a digital membership?

Anyone who lives or studies in Brantford or lives in Brant County or Six Nations can become members of the Brantford Public Library - both through digital memberships and full memberships which provide full access to digital and physical library materials. 

Anyone who works in Brantford, but lives in a different municipality, can also become either a full or digital member. 

Digital memberships are not available to residents of Cambridge (unless they work in Brantford). 

Digital memberships do not allow you to borrow physical materials, such as books, DVDs, MakerSpace items etc. 

Note, we rely on information provided by the City's Open Access data. There may be instances where recent postal codes haven't been uploaded to our system. If your online application is denied, please call or visit the library. 

How do I apply for a digital membership?

Residents of Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations need to fill out the Digital Membership Registration form
Please fill out the form with all the necessary information. Parents will need to complete the form for any applicant under the age of 16. Once you complete the form, you will be redirected to a confirmation page with your library member number and four digit PIN. Save this information as it will provide you access to our online services. 

If you work in Brantford, but do not reside in Brantford, Brant or Six Nations, you can complete the Employed in Brantford membership form

Will I get a physical library card for my wallet? 

Digital members do not get a physical library card. Library cards are given to full members. All memberships are free. Visit the Library to convert your digital membership to a full membership. Remember to bring two pieces of ID showing your current address when doing this. If the digital membership belongs to a child, the parent/guardian of that child must also have a full library membership. 
Library staff will make every effort to merge your customer history when moving between a digital membership and a full membership. 

What services can I use with a digital membership?

You can immediately enjoy all our digital content. These services range from eBooks, Audiobooks, movies, music and several world-class online learning tools and research databases.

Recognizing that not everyone has access to internet, digital memberships can also be used to log on to public computers at either the Main or St. Paul Branch.

I got a temporary digital membership using the old application form. Is it still valid?

These memberships expire after three months. Anyone that used this old form to become a digital member between December 2020 and today's date will need to visit the library to convert their digital membership to a full membership. This full membership is free and will provide you full access to digital services and our physical collection. 

Why can't I borrow physical materials with a digital membership?

A digital membership is only intended to provide access to digital services. You must convert your digital membership to a full membership in person at either the Main or St. Paul Branch to be able to borrow physical materials from the Library. All library memberships are free for residents in Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations. 

Note, with your Digital Membership number, you will still be able to put holds on physical materials through our online catalogue. You will be required to convert your digital membership to a full membership when you visit the library to pick up your item. Please bring two pieces of ID at this time. 

I already have a Brantford Public Library membership. Do I need to get a digital membership to access the library's digital content?

No. Your current library card number already has access to all of our digital content. Simply log in with your existing library card number and PIN. If you can't remember your PIN, or your card has expired, please visit the library or call us at 519-756-2220 ext. 5.

Can I apply for a digital membership for my child?

Yes. When completing the online application for a child under 16, a parent or guardian must consent and complete the electronic application form. 

If  it is decided to move to a full child's membership, a parent/guardian must also have a valid Brantford Public Library membership.

Can I add the name of someone else who can have access to my account?

No, however, they can apply for their own card online.

Why was my Digital Membership application was denied/not submitted?

Some of the possible reasons for the errors include:
You already have a library account
There was type-o in your address
You didn't enter information into a mandatory field
You applied for a digital membership using our old digital membership form (during the pandemic)

If the error persists, please call 519-756-2220 ext. 2 or visit either library branch. 

Why can’t the form confirm my address?

Some addresses and apartment addresses may not be entered into our database because the address is new or it was missed in the original uploading of addresses. If this is the case, visit any library branch and talk to staff or call 519-756-2220 ext. 2. 

What do I do if I can't remember my digital membership number or PIN?

Call 519-756-2220 ext. 2 or visit any Brantford Public Library Branch. 

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email after applying for a digital membership?

Your security settings may be blocking the email. Please check your spam/junk mail folder. Also, you may have mis-typed your email address. Please call the library if this problem persists. 

Can I get a Digital Membership to replace a lost or stolen card?

No. Please contact the Library immediately to report your lost or stolen card. Call 519-756-2220 ext. 2 or visit one of our branches.

Can I purchase a non-resident digital membership?

No. However, residents living outside of Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations may apply for a non-resident membership, which provides full borrowing privileges. Digital memberships are only available to residents living in Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations, along with anyone who works within the city of Brantford.