Elson, James Frederick

LAC James Frederick Elson was in Montreal on his way to join the British Navy the day England declared war on Germany. After many months of study and training he was accepted into the Fleet Air Arm and was assigned to the aircraft carrier H.M.S. Victorious and saw considerable service with the convoys on the Murmansk route. August of 1942 the Victorious was detailed to convoy supplies to Malta. Enroute, the enemy was engaged, and LAC Elson was shot down into the sea. Born in Ayr, Ontario, October 9, 1918, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Elson, James was a Paris High School graduate and a member of the first boys' choir organized in St. James' Anglican Church. He was also an active member of the Boy Scout troop of the church. He married Dorothy Jeffreys, of England, December 20, 1941, and had three brothers, Arthur, George, and Charles, on active service. Charles accompanied James to England to join the Royal Marines.

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