Copeman, John John

Pte. John Leslie Copeman, whose wife and daughter, Dorothy, reside at 154 Nelson St., was among the Brantford soldiers who lost their lives at Dieppe, France, on August 19, 1942. Although it was known that Pte. Copeman was among the first of his regiment, the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, to reach the main part of the town, nothing was learned of his whereabouts afterwards and, so far, Mrs. Copeman has had no official details of his subsequent fate, nor of the place of his burial. Pte. Copeman was among the first Brantfordites to enlist with the R.H.L.I., as he reported for duty on September 11, 1939. After training at Camp Borden, he went overseas with his unit in July,1940. During the next two years with the Canadian Army, waiting for action, he with the others, was being perfected in the art of commando tactics. Born in Brantford, March 8, 1909, John was educated at the Paris Public School. After he left school, he went in for farming and found work in Brant County.

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