Callander, A. Donald

Enlisting on October 15, 1941, in the R.C.A.F., A. Donald Callander was just 18 years of age. In the nearly three years that were to follow he was to distinguish himself as a gallant airman and a highly efficient navigator. He had completed one tour flying in the Coastal Command with the Demon Squadron stationed in Devon, England, and his flights carried him up and down the European coastline in search of enemy "subs". During the second tour of operations he went in with his crew as part of the heavy "umbrella"

that covered our invading forces on June 6, 1944. He was reported missing on that day. Born in Brechin, Scotland, the son of Mr. and Mrs. David Callander, he was brought to Brantford when he was five years old. After primary school days at Central, he went on to the Collegiate Institute. He was a good student, securing his senior matriculation by the time he was 17. At school he was also interested in the sports program and was a member of the Cadet Corps. He attended Central Presbyterian Church. There was only a short time to establish himself in a business career, but he was on the Royal Bank staff for nearly a year and was a popular and highly esteemed member. His service training began in Toronto and continued in Winnipeg and then Paulson, where he graduated as a navigator. While in England, he was married to LAW Bobby Wigmore, of the R.A.F. and there is now a small daughter, Carol Ann, whom F/O Callander had never seen, the news of his death coming before she was born.

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