Alexander, Robert Wilfred

S/L Robert Wilfred Alexander, D.F.C., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Alexander, Norwich, had a brilliant record of service in the Second Great War that added substantially to the glory reflected on this district by its hero sons. He was reported missing on September 21, 1944, after carrying out his air assignment of dropping supplies for paratroopers he had helped transport to Arnhem. S/L Alexander, born on August 20, 1920, received his education at Norwich Public and High Schools, and the London Normal School. Subsequently he taught school at New Durham. He enlisted with the R.C.A.F. in October 1939, and was a member of the first classes in the Commonwealth Air Training Plan, reporting for duty on April 12, 1940. He trained at Toronto, Malton, Jarvis and Trenton, receiving his observer's wing and commission at Trenton early in November. He was then transferred to England and went on active operational duty over Europe. In March 1941, he was stationed in Egypt, and made more than 50 sorties from North African bases. In April 1942, he was awarded the D.F.C. for heroic service in the Middle East. He was at that time with the R.A.F. Headquarters Staff in the Middle East and served there until posted home for a special navigational course at Port Albert. Later he attended No. 5 S.F.T.S., Brantford and received his pilot's wings in July 1943, and was posted to the R.A.F. Transport Command at Dorval, Que. He flew in a Dakota from Dorval on January 26, 1944, to England. Besides his parents, he is survived by his wife and son, James Robert.

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