Granka, Bernard

P/O Bernard Granka, 20 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Granka, 53 Murray St., flying with Squadron 434, R.C.A.F., took part in the intensive air campaign against Germany early in 1945, and after a flight on February 14, failed to return from the operation. Typical of the eager youth who filled the ranks of the R.C.A.F., P/O Granka enlisted in January, 1943, a month before his 18th birthday, and his training was in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, much to his delight, because he had an adventurous spirit and longed to "see the world". His graduation as a flight engineer took place after he reached

England in the summer of 1944. One of the advantages of being abroad, so he wrote home, was the opportunity of meeting his brothers. With L/S Walter he had a grand reunion in October, and Sgt. Edward, whom he had not seen since 1940, arrived to visit him on the day he took off on his final flight. The two men planned to have a holiday together and while P/O Bernard flew across enemy territory, Edward waited for him at Darlington. Death intervened for the former and he was unable to keep the appointment.

P/O Granka attended King Edward, Victoria and the Collegiate Institute and Vocational Schools. He was an ardent athlete, being a member of the school rugby team and had planned to make sports his life's work, his ambition being to become a director of physical education. He had a perfect disposition for such a career.

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