Teasdale, George

Cpl. George Teasdale was orphaned by the First Great War but in his brother, Peter Teasdale, he found much of the affection and security of which he had been deprived by the loss of his parents. When Peter had been settled in Canada for a year, he sent for his brother in 1930, and made a home for him. Together they were highly esteemed residents of the Onondaga community. Soon after war was declared, the two brothers enlisted and in November, 1939, they joined the First Battalion, Dufferin and Haldimand Rifles, and were later transferred to the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Together they trained in Canada and then in England and together they took part in the attack on Dieppe on

August 19, 1942. Together too, that day they sacrificed their lives for their country. Cpl. Teasdale is survived by his widow and two children, George and Judith.

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