Tarrison, Maxwell Harold

F/O Maxwell Harold Tarrison, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tarrison, 39 Elgin Street, had served four months in the Canadian Army when, in June, 1941, he transferred to the R.C.A.F. After the prescribed training at Quebec City, Penfield Ridge and Mountain

View, he graduated as an air observer in March, 1942, heading his class and receiving his commission as pilot officer. A brilliant student, he was to become equally competent in active service and his record was unusually fine. He was reported missing on July 16, 1943, after a night patrol over Sardinia, shortly after the invasion of Sicily. Thus far no word has been received of his fate. Born in Stratford, in 1920, Maxwell came to Brantford when he was grown up and spent two years at the local Collegiate Institute completing his senior matriculation and taking a special course in commercial work.

In that time he was a popular student and while he was an able athlete, he was still more apt in the classroom. One of his after-school jobs was tutoring a blind boy at the School for the blind who was studying advanced French. He was employed in the office of the Cockshutt Plow Company, Ltd. and was a member of St. Basil's Church. F/O Tarrison's father is one of Brantford's patriotic and energetic citizens and during the War was Chairman of the United Nations Committee for all Red Cross and Victory Loan campaigns. The grief suffered in the loss of their son was widely shared by many friends.

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