Armour, Edson Gilroy

F/O Edson Gilroy Armour, 27, lost his life in air operations over enemy territory on March 18, 1944, ending a flying career that began in 1939, when he enlisted in the R.C.A.F., although he did not go into actual training until the June of the following year. Upon graduation from the Collegiate Institute, where he distinguished himself as a good student and a promising public speaker, he began a mechanical engineering course at the Carnegie Institute of Technology at Pittsburgh, Pa. During the flood of 1936 he assisted the Red Cross greatly in rescuing homeless victims. As a young man he was interested in the Young People's Society of Sydenham Street United Church, being one of its outstanding Presidents. It was in that church that his marriage to Miss Winnifred Mae Matthews was solemnized and where his small son, Ralph, was christened. His favorite sport was horseback riding in which he excelled. F/O Armour was successful in his flying career and, after training at Toronto, Regina, and Rivers, he was sent to the east coast to a seaplane base. In May, 1942, he was promoted to the rank of flight lieutenant. Disregard for personal safety when he felt Canada needed him elsewhere was evident when he reverted to the rank of pilot officer to take a navigator's course for overseas service. He graduated from No. 4 A.O.S., Crumlin, in February, 1943. It was on his 21st flight, more than a year later, that he lost his life and Brantford a fine and promising citizen. His widow and son, and his mother, Mrs. W. L. Armour, reside in the city.

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