Evans, Edward George

Sgt. Edward George Evans, youngest son of Mrs. Jessie Evans, 133 Charing Cross, was with the airborne platoons of Canadian paratroopers landing in Normandy following the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. He continued in battle action through the summer, meeting his death on August 20. Enlisting in Hamilton on September 27, 1939, with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, he entrained at Camp Borden and sailed for overseas in 1941. Born in Brantford on December 3, 1921, he was educated at Victoria School. He attended Grace Anglican Church. After his schooldays, he worked at the local golf clubs and in his spare time played a good game of golf. His brother, James, was with the

Merchant Marine and lost his life late in the year of 1940 while sailing on a Swedish vessel.

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