Allan, Walter Howden

W.O. Walter Howden Allan, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allan, U.K. 2, Caledonia, was reported killed on September 3, 1943, while flying as a wireless air gunner in the R.C.A.F. He was on his first flight over enemy territory when his death occurred and his pilot managed to bring the damaged plane back to England before it crashed. W.O. Allan was buried on September 7 at Stratford-on-Avon. Thus was terminated a promising Air Force career begun with Walter's enlistment in July, 1941. He received his training at Manning Depot, Guelph, Dafoe, Sask., and Burtch, and after his graduation as a wireless air gunner, instructed in wireless and flying at Regina A.O.S. and Pearce A.O.S. Detachment. After taking two months' special training course at Moncton, he went overseas in May, 1943, as a wireless instructor. Born in Onondaga Township, February 16, 1916, Walter was educated at the Middleport Public and the Caledonia High Schools. He was a member of Caledonia Presbyterian Church. After his schooldays, he joined his father in farming, a career he planned to follow. The son of a well-known Brant County family, he is mourned by a wide circle of friends.

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