Chalk, Everett William

Among all the brave soldiers of the war, there is a special place for those airmen who volunteered for duty beyond that demanded by regulations. So Sgt. Everett William Chalk, 19 year old son of Mrs. Elsie Chalk, 538 Colborne St., will be remembered as a member of the Moose Squadron who, five days after his arrival on the flying station, volunteered to fly with another crew when the Commanding Officer, on November 26, 1943, called for a volunteer to replace one of the men who had suffered a frozen arm while on a flight. Sgt. Chalk went to his death. He now lies at rest at Inglebert, in the Saar Basin. The young sergeant; was an intimate friend of P/O William (Bill) Bailey, 292 West Street, and the two were in the same flying crew. P/O Bailey lived to fly for approximately six months on operations, and in that time, in letters home, he wrote of the affection and respect the other men of the crew felt for Sgt. Chalk. From the time of his enlistment on November 4, 1942, until he sailed away from Canada on July 17, of the following year, he was a fine example of the adaptability of Canada's sons. In civilian life Sgt. Chalk was a fine athlete, playing on the Brantford Junior Hockey team and specializing in track work at the Collegiate Institute meets. Upon graduation he followed the peaceful path of a printer's apprentice, being employed at Barber-Ellis of Canada, Ltd. He was a member of Calvary Baptist Church.

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