Axler, David R.

Born in March, 1914, in Toronto, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Axler, LAC David R. Axler moved to Brantford when he was 12 years of age. He attended Central and Alexandra Schools and the Collegiate Institute. He not only was a good student and an outstanding athlete, but his business ability was apparent in the part he played on the staff of the B.C.I, year book, "The Hello". He was a crack shot and was President of the School Rifle Team. He was skilful on the basketball floor, and a speedy man on the track team. He was a former lieutenant in the B.C.I. Cadet Corps and had a keen interest in the Boy Scouts. He attended the Brantford Hebrew Synagogue and was one of the capable organizers of the Brantford branch of the Young Judaeans and the A.Z.A. (Junior Lodge, B'Nai Brith). Going to Toronto after his school years, he joined the Adelphus Club fraternity, and some measure of his popularity was indicated by the fact that his club

presented a memorial cup for marksmanship to the B.C.I, and V.S. Enlisting in R.C.A.F., in March, 1940, he began his training as a pilot at Brandon and went on to various other Western stations. It was in a training plane crash while at No. 9 E.F.T.S., at Maidstone's Field, that he lost his life on January 15, 1941. He was buried in Brantford.

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