Oliver, James Henrry

F/S James Henry Oliver, older son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oliver, 151 William St., who enlisted in the R.C.A.F. at Hamilton on June 1, 1940, enjoyed the distinction of being a member of the first class of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan. As one of the pioneer students of what was to become a great school for airmen, he traveled far across Western Canada before his training at Edmonton and Mossbank was completed, and he graduated as an observer navigator in December, 1940, from the Rivers school. That month he was married to Miss Edna Riddolls, Brantford. In January, he was sent overseas and became a member of the 404th Squadron of the R.C.A.F. In those early days of the war, flying was beset with far more hazards than after scientists had discovered radar, fog dispellant and safer planes, and returning from operations, F/S Oliver's crew all lost their lives over the Shetland Islands on February 21, 1942. He was laid to rest in those same islands at

Lerwick and his brother, W.O. 1 Brock and his sister Lieut. P/A Elsie (now Mrs. R. L. Christison) in the R.C.A.M.C., were able some time later to visit his grave. Born May 30, 1915, in Burford Township, Henry was very young when he moved to Brantford. He was educated at Victoria School and the Collegiate Institute and Vocational School, graduating from the matriculation course. At school he developed an interest in the Cadet

Corps. He was a member of the Central Presbyterian Church. After schooldays, he was employed at the Agnew-Surpass Shoe Stores, Limited, here and later by the United Cigar Stores in Hamilton.

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