Arthrell, Gerald

Cpl. Gerald Arthrell, of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, was one of the very few Paris men with this regiment who were not killed or taken prisoner the day they stormed Dieppe; but he returned to France shortly after D-Day and there was killed in action August 11, 1944, at the age of 25. Educated in the Paris Public and High Schools, Gerald was employed only a few months with Penmans Ltd., when he joined the armed forces April 9, 1940. Born in Glace Bay, N.S., the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Arthrell, he came with his family to Paris when four years old and one of his extramural interests through the years was stamp collecting. He was intensely interested in hockey and for some time a trainer with the Paris Intermediates. His father and one brother, George, were also members of the armed forces.

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