StoryJam LitFest


StoryJam LitFest is a unique celebration of storytelling and literacy presented in partnership between Kiwanis Club of Brantford and Brantford Public Library. See details on the May 27 event below.

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StoryJam Details

Videos, podcasts, apps, graphic novels....there are so many ways to tell stories! 

Youth ages 12-18 (along with an adult support person) can team up to participate in the inaugural StoryJam and create their own story. 

Teams will meet at the Brantford Public Library beginning at 9 a.m. on May 27 and get four-and-a-half hours to develop and create their story.

Stories need to incorporate some sort of technology or digital tool. Once complete, the stories will be presented to a panel of judges that can provide feedback. Participation prizes will be provided to all teams. 

Then, from 2:30-4 p.m., the public can visit the Main Branch to view the stories and meet the teams that have created them.

Applications to participate in the StoryJam will be accepted until May 19.

See below for more details on team composition and guidelines. 

Story requirements

Final versions should include technology in the creation of the story. This can be done in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to): 

  • Use of video, image or audio editing software
  • video or audio recording equipment
  • game or app development software

Stories should be a maximum of ten-minutes long. 

Stories will fit into one of the competition categories: 

  • Image based (including videos, animations, graphic novels)
  • Audio based (including podcasts, music)
  • Interactive dependent (including apps and games)
Team requirements

Teams must:

  • Have a minimum of two and a maximum of four members
  • Consist of youth between the ages of 12 to 18-years-old that live in Brantford, Brant or Six Nations
  • Have a designated parent/caregiver, teacher or other support person
What is a StoryJam?

During a StoryJam, storytellers come together to create a story under a certain amount of time. 

The concept of the StoryJam competition is based on game jams. Game jams are events where participants make a video game from scratch in a limited amount of time. The StoryJam provides an opportunity for people to develop skills, maybe create a habit, or for a short period of time, have a distraction-free space to be a creator.  

 Apply to register a StoryJam team 

StoryJam LitFest Background

We want to show youth and our entire community that stories are all around us and that they can use their unique set of experiences and knowledge to create and share them. 

Being able to identify, assess, and share stories are foundational literacy skills for youth to become lifelong learners equipped for an everchanging work landscape.